Organizational Model

The agriculture urban in Cuba built in an organizational model that allow it to be present in all towns and cities of the country, due to the impact and development reached in this popular mode of  foods production and to the grade of the Cuban population's urbanization.

The top level is management by the National Group of Urban Agriculture, which exercises its influence until the base level through the provincial and municipal groups. These territorial groups take over the coordination among all the organisms and factors related with the production and distribution of foods in the perimeter of each municipality and county, in the first place with the Popular Power which is the Government’s basic unit of organization.

The Popular Council (the neighbourhood government) coordinated the urban agriculture through a deputy of the agriculture. The coordination among all the Popular Council that conform a municipality is carried out through the Urban Municipal Farm.

The Urban Municipal Farm is the organization that contains all the productive units of the urban agriculture in a municipality and it plays a role of vital importance handling the technical consultant ship of the producers and being the link among producers, research and education centres, and services.

Basic Structure of Urban Agriculture in Cuba